"America's #1 Thrifter!"
Jason T.  Smith's Deep Dive Webinar Reveals...
"Why Your Sh*t Ain't Selling!
Ebay Store and Listing Reviews with Jason T. Smith - America's #1 Thrifter!"
** Plus - Get Replay and Recording Access to This Amazing Program Just For Registering For The $7 Web Class Today!
Date: November 15th
Time: 8:00 pm est.
What You'll Learn On This $7 Web Class!
"How to properly set up your store categories, header art and logo. The more complete and detailed your Ebay store is, the better chance you have at being found by search engines."
"What are the Top 10 reasons your sh*t ain't selling? Is your hand in your pictures? Do you offer returns? Are there only 3 words in your title? These and more common mistakes that a lot of sellers make."
"Debunking the myths and conspiracy theories. There is no such thing as rolling blackouts. Cassini, Ebay's search engine, can not be  gamed. We will have a frank and thought provoking discussion on these topics so you can rest easier at night. "
** Plus - Get FREE Recording and Replay Access Just For Registering For The Web Class Today!
I take pride in my reputation for providing high-quality training that meets the needs of online sellers. I always make every effort to accurately describe my classes, in addition, I’ve spent time and effort putting this top notch content together and deliver it live.

If for any reason you feel you are not getting what you expected from my class, we offer registrants my NO HASSLE Money-Back Guarantee: 

If you are not satisfied with my training for any reason, I will refund 100% of the purchase price of the class. Alert me and I will issue a full refund.

LIVE With Jason T Smith

November 15th @ 8:00 PM EST
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